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[摘要] according to the journal transfusion, the artificial blood can mimic and fulfill the functions of biological blood, primarily the storage and transport of oxygen, if a body is suffering from severe bl


好玩的真人室内游戏|每日新闻播报(December 10)

好玩的真人室内游戏,file photo [photo/ic]

>scientists create fake blood


scientists in japan have developed "artificial blood" that could, in theory, be transfused into patients regardless of their blood type. 日本科学家研制出了一种"人造血液",从理论上讲,这种血液可以输入任何血型的病人体内。

according to the journal transfusion, the artificial blood can mimic and fulfill the functions of biological blood, primarily the storage and transport of oxygen, if a body is suffering from severe blood loss during surgery or after trauma. 据《输血》期刊报道,如果患者在手术期间或创伤后出现严重失血,这种人造血液可以模拟和实现生物血液的功能,主要是储存和运输氧气。

"it is difficult to stock a sufficient amount of blood for transfusions in such regions as remote islands," said the study author manabu kinoshita, an associate professor of immunology at the national defense medical college. "the artificial blood will be able to save the lives of people who otherwise could not be saved." 这项研究的作者、日本国防医学院免疫学系副教授manabu kinoshita表示:"在偏远的岛屿等地区,很难储存足够的供血。这种人造血液将能够挽救那些濒死之人的生命。"

a blind date in shanghai tries to bring singles together through needlework, nov 28, 2016. [photo/ic]

>more 'ebabies' to be born


more couples will be first meeting online than in real life in the year 2035, and by 2037, more babies will be born to parents who met online - so-called "ebabies" - than offline, according to new research. 一项最新调查显示,到2035年,始于"网恋"的婚恋关系将超过"线下结合",到2037年,因"网恋"而产生的爱情结晶(e时代新生儿)数量将超过线下婚恋生育的宝宝。

over 4,000 adults were quizzed about their love lives in the study for dating website eharmony. 约会网站"和谐网恋"对4000多名成年人的爱情生活进行了调查。

researchers found that a third - 32% - of singletons already meet their match through dating apps. 研究人员发现,三分之一(32%)的单身人士已经通过约会软件找到了自己的另一半。

over the past four years, the next most common couplings took place at work (23%), through a mutual friend (12%) or via social media (7%). 在过去的四年中,除网恋外,其他常见的相恋方式是工作相识(23%)、共同的朋友介绍(12%)或社交媒体(7%)。

mba students from london's imperial college business school also found that 2.6 million ebabies have already been born since 2000. 伦敦帝国理工学院商学院的工商管理学硕士学生也发现,自2000年以来,已经有260万"e时代新生儿"出生。

they concluded that four in ten babies born by 2030 will be ebabies with the figure rising to over half in 2037.他们得出结论称,到2030年,四成婴儿将是"e时代新生儿",到2037年,这一比例将上升到一半以上。

file photo [photo/vcg]

>1,634 fugitives brought back


a total of 1,634 fugitives accused or suspected of corruption related crimes have been brought back to china from january to october, up 69% year-on-year, according to figures from the office in charge of fugitive repatriation and asset recovery under the central anti-corruption coordination group. 来自中央反腐败协调小组国际追逃追赃工作办公室的数据显示,今年1至10月,全国共追回外逃人员1634名,同比增长69%,其中党员和国家工作人员741人,同比增长201%。

of those who were brought back to the country, 741 are members of the communist party of china and officials, up 201% year-on-year.

in addition, the amount of ill-gotten gains brought back from overseas reached 2.95 billion yuan, up 288% year-on-year. 追赃金额达到29.5亿元,同比增长288%。

four of those who were handed back to the country were on the interpol red notice list of 100 corruption fugitives most wanted by china. 追回外逃人员中包括"百名红通人员"4人。

the achievements against fugitives and ill-gotten gains are attributed to the development of skynet, a campaign launched in 2014 and targeted on tracking down corruption fugitives and recovering illegal assets overseas.这是"天网"追逃追赃行动取得的最新成果。我国2014年启动针对外逃腐败份子的"天网"追逃追赃行动。

a group of kindergarten children play soccer outdoors. [photo provided to china daily]

>lack of exercise in teens


teenagers in south korea are the laziest in the world, according to a global study. 根据一项全球研究,韩国的青少年是全世界最懒的。

a country-by-country breakdown of physical activity levels has revealed just one in five 11 to 17-year-olds get as much exercise as they need to stay healthy. 这项研究分析了各国青少年的运动量,发现11岁到17岁的青少年只有五分之一的人运动量达到了维持健康所需的水平。

in some countries, led by south korea and including the philippines, cambodia and sudan, more than 90% of teenagers are inactive. 在韩国为首的一些国家,包括菲律宾、柬埔寨和苏丹,超过90%的青少年很少运动。

meanwhile the us outperforms almost every country on earth with just 72% of children inactive – higher only than bangladesh, slovakia and ireland. 与此同时,美国青少年的表现超过了世界上几乎所有国家的青少年,只有72%的青少年很少运动,仅落后于孟加拉国、斯洛伐克和爱尔兰。

researchers from the world health organization said all children between the ages of 11 and 17 should do at least an hour of exercise every day. 世界卫生组织的研究人员表示,年龄在11岁到17岁之间的孩子每天至少应锻炼1小时。

physical activity is important for developing young people's hearts, lungs, bones and muscles and keeping them a healthy weight.体育运动对于年轻人心、肺、骨骼和肌肉的发育以及保持健康体重很重要。

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